Thinking of Cancelling & Listing Locally? Do Not Do It!

The Flat Fee MLS Listing you have with Kermath Realty is the same MLS listing you would have with any agent. There is little else that can be done to sell your property. In fact most survey’s show that better than 95% of all homes sell this way. Have faith, this works.   

I can tell you after being a broker for 35 years and listing over 5,700 homes this is true. If your home is not selling it is price or condition.  Think about this for a moment… In southeast Michigan for example there are over 12,000 licensed agents. What are the odds of your listing agent bringing the buyer? Slim to none…  Most listing agents know this. They’ll put on a nice presentation then take your paperwork back to the office and have their staff input your listing NO DIFFERENT than what we do.

To be clear, once a home is listed in the local MLS it automatically datafeeds to hundres of sites, zillow, trulia, and all real estate sites like Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker, C21 and all of the rest. It is an automatic feed.

Here is the math. After a home is listed in the mls :

  • If no or only a few showings, = home is way over priced.
  • If several showings = still over priced.
  • Many showings, say 5 to 10 in the first week = priced close.

Here is my theory on selling:   Look at a new listing like a bell curve in class. There are tons of people, agents and buyer’s searching for homes. When a home hits the market as a new listing it will trigger showing as people have their criteria set up. So, initially there should be a ton of showings if your home is priced right.  If after a few weeks or a month no offer then it is most likely over priced.

Now, there are variables like the price (expensive versus say first time home buyer), time of year plays into the equation too. However, for the most part, if no offer then price must be reduces or there is something about the home unappealing like high power lines, things that need to be done to the home perhaps, paint, carpet or a number of other things.

So, if you’ve been listed for a period of time with no offer the home needs to have a price reduction. 

The million dollar mistake:  ” I spoke to another Realtor and they told me all of these other things can be done to sell”.  Baloney! They are feeding you B.S. and you’re vulnerable to it.  It’s far better to reduce the price with us than relist and pay double the commission! As price is reduced we are found in more searches. More searches = more showings. More showings = the offer at some point. Have faith, this works!

You’ve invested time and money with us at Kermath Realty, it works period.  So, if you’re having doubts I’m happy to talk to you but this works period. If some other agent has convinced you to withdraw and list with them then hold them accountable. Ask them what they’ll do for all of that commission!

Your listing with us matters! It is important to us that you have a great experience.

We are here to help.

Thank you,
Jeff Kermath
broker / owner
Email me if you’re having second thoughts or questions please.