How To Make The Offer & Get A Rebate – STEP 1 OF 2


  1. Your full name and names you wish to appear on the offer
  2. Your current address
  3. Address of property
  4. Offering price
  5. Amount you wish to put down
  6. An estimated closing date
  7. Any contingencies (ways to back out if need be); inspection, appraisal, attorney approval, pest inspection, Radon are the most common ones
  8. Occupancy, at closing or how many days after closing
  9. Amount of the deposit to hold the home
  10. How long do you want the offer good for? Usually a day or two so it’s not hanging out there.
  11. Mortgage approval.  When submitting an offer it is best if we submit it with a solid mortgage approval so please forward the approval to us.

Email me the above and I’ll put it together for you! email:

Rebate Paperwork For You

  • “I’m Represented” Form:  This form is handy to take with you on showings. Show this to the listing agent. This verifies you are working with Kermath Realty as your buyer’s agent.  Remember, it is critical that you tell all listing agents that we are your agent. Otherwise, the listing agent will think you are their buyer. 
  • Rebate Form:  This is our form that ensures you get paid the rebate at closing. This obviously assumes we get paid the commission then we rebate part to you at closing.