Optional Full Service

Full Service Plan

About 75% of our clients choose Full Service. 

After doing this for years we’ve found some Realtors shy away from submitting offers direct to home sellers. This is true for a few reasons:

  1. Agents will assume that since you as a seller are not in the business, you don’t know how to process an offer and it will create an additional workload on the buyer’s agent.
  2. Some sellers do not understand real estate protocall. There are certain duties, expectations and closing costs for both buyer and seller. Many sellers do not understand this so it can create a more difficult situation for the buyer’s agent if they have to deal direct with the seller.
  3. Some buyer’s agents have had poor experiences with “Limited service” listings / sellers. As such they may not want anything to do with another “Limited service listing.

Here is what we include in our full service plan:

* We can pull sold comparables for you to help “Fine tune” your price.
* We will answer any questions and offer opinions during the entire process.
* When offers come in, they’re emailed to both you and us so we can go over all the specifics of the offer with you.
* We show you how to make the counter offer and are there to get you the highest possible price.
* We assist if there is a problem with the inspection contingency. This is common and can often be a deal killer if the home has inspection issues.
* We verify the buyer has a solid approval. The last thing we need is to find out a week before closing the buyer cannot obtain financing!
* We ensure the closing statement gets to you prior to closing and go over the numbers to verify your bottom line is accurate.
* And if a buyer comes to you directly, we write the contract and offer advice.

Essentially, we provide the same services a traditional agent does for you at a fraction of the cost! We help from list to close.
Thank you,
Jeff Kermath