How It Works

How our Flat Fee Program works: 

Same MLS as 6% agents but for a lot less money. Your listing looks the same as all other listings.
* Sell BY OWNER and pay no buyer agent commission.
* Buyer agents bring buyers directly to you and you offer to pay them their half, typically it’s 3%.
(the commission is stated on the MLS) 

Listing is easy:
1. Choose the program
2. You’ll be take to the order page that is secure so you can checkout with a credit card or Paypal.
3. Complete digital docs online (no printing or faxing). This takes about 20 minutes.
4. Email photos to us.

Once we have your documents; listing agreement, sellers disclosures, lead based paint (provided) and the datasheet giving us the info on your home and photos we login as the broker / member of the MLS & input your listing. We have you listed generally within 24 hours.

If we need to adjust / modify / correct the listing, it’s done immediately