Flat Fee MLS – Flat Fee Michigan

Flat Fee MLS, what is it and how does it work?

A Flat Fee MLS listing is where the seller pays a small, Flat Fee at the time a property is listed instead of a huge commission at closing.   

By paying a Flat Fee up front the seller gets the same MLS Listing as you’d get with any real estate broker. Some people refer to it as Flat Fee MLS or Flat Rate MLS.  Some others call us Discount broker too, that is accurate.  

We don’t believe in charging high commissions. Selling utilizing a Flat Fee MLS listing simply saves your homes equity.

We are a family owned business who inputs and oversees our listings. Listing direct give you better service & better results preriod. A direct flat-fee MLS listing is simply the best way to sell.

We have done more than 6,400 flat fee mls listings for over 25 years.  Get everything while taking no risks. The ideal combo to save selling and saving buying is flat charge mls listings for selling and home buyer rebates for buying!

Whether it’s selling or buyer, we are your #1 choice for buying and selling in Michigan.

Thank you,

Jeff Kermath
broker / owner
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