Welcome to Michigan’s #1 Flat Fee Direct Listing Service. We list your property on the Michigan MLS for a low flat fee, instead of paying 6% or 7% typically charged at closing. Get the same services for a fraction of the cost and save thousands!


  Flat Fee Michigan is Michigan's #1 Flat Fee Listing Service
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Your best approach to sell is Flat Fee

The way properties are bought and sold has been drastically altered by the internet. Just like other listings, we place yours on the MLS, and only pay a commission if a buyer agent successfully introduces a buyer to you.

Get the Same MLS as Regular 6% agents, but save money and pay no buyer agent commission!

You won't pay a buyer agent commission if you sell as a FOR SALE BY OWNER MI, but we'll still assist you in the process. When you are ready to buy, take advantage of our full service flat fee mls Michigan and our rebate program to receive a home buying rebate. In fact, if you deal with us, buying and selling can sometimes cost little or no commission.

Use our home buyer rebate to buy your next home

We rebate up to half of our commission to you at closing! It's that simple!

A home buyer rebate is where your buyers agent gives back to you or "Rebates" part of their commission at closing when you buy a property using them. Use us as your home buyer rebate broker on the buy side we give you up to 50% of our commission to you at closing!

Use our name as your agent with a builder and you earn half of our commission!

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Feed To As Many Sites As A Traditional Agent!

Your listing datafeeds to all the great sites, NO different than a local, traditional agent!

Promote your property like never before. Get your listing on top websites with a single click.

Calculate Your Flat Fee Savings

By using this calculator, you can see how much you'll save with our flat fee packages as compared to paying the traditional 6% typically charged at closing.

Fill our your property price below to discover your savings

Listing with Our Flat Fee Program is Easy

Step 1: Choose a Program

Select which package would work best for your listing.

Step 2: Place your Order

You'll be taken to the order page that is secure so you can checkout with a credit card or Paypal.

Step 3: Complete Documents

Complete digital docs online (no printing or faxing). This takes about 20 minutes.

Step 4: Email your Photos

Then email your photos to us so we can add them to your listing.

Once we have your documents; listing agreement, sellers disclosures, lead based paint (provided) and the datasheet giving us the info on your home and photos we login as the broker / member of the MLS & input your listing. We have you listed generally within 24 hours.