How To Get In Homes – This Is The Biggie!

How do I get in a home to view it?

This is the hardest part of or our home buyer rebate program…  Remember, most listing agents expect us as buyer’s agents to set a showing then get you through to view the home.

  • As you contact listing agents it is critical you tell them that we are your agent. If you don’t the listing agent will think you are their buyer so no commission is due. If we don’t get paid then there is no rebate.

Tips on how to get in:

  • Offer $25 to the agent to get you in. Money talks and a small amount usually does the trick. Just Venmo, Paypal or any other means funds to an agent. This works great!
  • Make sure you have your mortgage approval with you so the listing agent knows you are approved or email it to them so they know you are ready.
  • Tell the listing agent how you’ve really narrowed your serch down and “This could be the home we’re looking for”. This way you’re not wasting their time and yours.
  • Ask the listing agent if there are any open houses planned. That’s an easy one but remember, if you attend an open house you must tell them Kermath Realty is representing you.

Thank you,
Jeff Kermath
Mr. Flat Fee MLS Jeff